Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Three words,eight letters

Iam home!!At last.Well I didn't really tell where I went.I actually went and celebrate christmas in Thailand.Wow a beautiful place.Never cease to amaze me.It still gots its charm.Well went there 4 days and 3 nights.You know what??I haven't upload the pics yet so I will post about it in my next post.

Again,WOW!New year.I am not entirely sure whether I want a new year.Actually this year had been a disastreous year for me.I lose some stuff and in the same time I did gain some experience.Although it doesn't end badly,I am pretty sure its the worst year ever.You know how kids use to say,''I wanna grow up fast.''?Yeah I said that too.But when I really experience being a teenager,I really wish I taken back my words and I wish I would stay forever young.THATS a dream come true.No fuss no drama no nothing.Just eat,sleep,play and shit.Seriously,parents make it seem so easy to be an adult.But truthfully I can see in their eyes as I grow up there is pain and stress.I know one day when I grow up I will somehow end up like that.After all,life s a cycle.Always the same routine no matter what path you take.It is so sickening.I just wish something different would happen.Something better.

I really been through a lot this year and I learnt from it but I got a feeling I will make the same mistakes again.Its just unavoidable.I did cried a lot this year.Old habits die hard.Sometimes there are words that cut deeper than any blades could ever cut.I know some of you did go through this kind of things right?I did choose a wrong path once but I never did think about the consequences and when it all comes to a bad end,I think back and I blame myself.Who else can I blame?I choose this path,I must face the consequences.Its just the way it has to be.

But I do have my I-love-it part also.And those are with all my friends.I just want to say I really am happy to have friends like this.Couldn't have ask for a better one.I really appreciate them.From being there for me to be my shoulder to cry on.So I am so proud to say they are my kawan baiks.:)Love you.

Conclusion,One of my best and worst year ever.Best because I really did gain experience about being a teenager and worst because truthfully I really hate the pain I felt.But I am going to change it.I am going to live my life to the fullest like nobody's bussiness.My mission possible 1.New year get ready here I come.

Happy New Year.Posting this at 12midnight.
Sincerely yours,

Three words,eight letters
Love is timeless.
I want to be like that.:)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tell me something I don't know

I am starting to read Twilight again.I just love the way Edward talks to Bella.So sweet and so drool-worthy!!Well as before,once read won't be able to stop reading.It is so addictive.And I feel the book is way way better than the movie.But if you haven't read the book yet than the movie definitely is nice.:)

And my suspension is finally over.I almost didn't make it but *ta daa* I did.*proud*Okay..I should explain.Well,you see in October my phone bill turned out to be so high.RM129.45.Yup.So its way overlimit and my mummy decided to suspend me from phone usage for 2months.And now its over,over and over.Now I won't be using my phone much except for important stuff.Well didn't really do much nowadays.Just sit in front of the computer and online and download song.You should really hear I miss you by Miley Cyrus.Its so freaking nice.

Thats about all.I will blog soon.I am going to thailand soon.Yeah i know,i know who want to go Thailand at this time with all the politics stuff.Well it seems like the person is my family:).Well well this should be fun.*evil*Just kidding.Ta ta.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Joey's taggie:)

a) State 15 weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself.
b) The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things or habits or little known facts.
c) No tag backs.

1.Like the title say..I am weird!!

2.I am very very fat

3.I eat milo powder sometimes:)

4.I cry too much*hee hee*

5.I wake up at 12noon almost all the time

6.I can't stand being alone

7.I am a bitch!:)

8.I don't know how to float

9.Have no plans for the big future

10.Stuborn and annoying

11.I like to spend money*cha ching*

12.I think everyone dislike me

13.I don't think before i talk

14.I watch Ben10:)

15.Very clumsay!!

I tag:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ismah's tag:)

Remove 1 question from below and add in a personal question, make it a total of 19 questions.
Then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post.
Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. What is it that bothers you the most?

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
eat :D

3. What is the motto of your life?
don't really have one.Just go with the flow:)

4. What will you do when you're feeling angry/disappointed with someone?
Nothing,I guess.

5. What is the most important thing to you?

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
In some way,yes.In other way,no.

7. Are you afraid of pain?
explain pain.

8. What do you feel like doing right now?
pack my stuff

9. If there’s someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
already did.:)

10. What is your favourite website currently?
Blog Blog Blog !

11. What is the question that you can't find an answer?
I s there such thing as forever?

12. Do you think friendship is more important than loveship?

13. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
ice cream

14. If you will die after today , what will you do ?
what can I do?

15.If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
nothing.I love me just the way I am.

16. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I don't know

17. What is the one thing you hate about yourself?
crying like shit

18. If you can bring only one thing along with you to another world, what would it be?
my parents

19. Can you survive this world?
Most probably not.
I tag:

A smile a day:)

It's good to finally blog again but I am losing all my bloging skill.I feel like I can't write anymore.It's so weird but I will give it my best shot.:)Holidays are ending soon and school is just around the corner.I really can't wait to go to school again.I just don't want to be lonely at home.Well not exactly lonely,lonely as in socially lonely.Okay I don't really get it myself. This,so far,had been a horrible holiday in many ways.Not entirely but yeah you get the idea.

To tell you the truth,me myself also been pretty wreck emotionally,mentally and also physically.Emotionally because something and something and mentally because I don't know and physically because I been eating non-stop.Turning into a fat-ass soon.:)I really am glad I am going on a vacation in 3 freaking more days.All I need for clearing off my mind and starting fresh with a new state of mind and also relaxation.I will blog about it soon!!:)Yesterday went to metro prima and have lunch and do some shoe-shopping(4 mummy) and also school stuff.Anyways,during lunch yesterday my brother tried to take a sip from his drink but he cannot suck it because the straw got a hole.So my daddy ask my brother to give him the drink so he could check mana tahu the drink *splash* all over my daddy clothes and pants and theres colouring so you could really see the staining on his pants and clothes and not to mention soo sticky.Soo he drag me with him as a cover for the stain*hee hee* to buy new clothes.Well luckily he brought me if not God knows how his taste is.He look so cute with the stain all over his pants.Just like a clumsy old man.:)No offence,daddy.Well after that we went home.

We watch 'The sharkboy and lavagirl' and he as in Taylor Lautner is so freaking hoot!!Also play in Twilight as Jacob Black*drool*.Well watch over and over again because my brother keep on rewind and forwarding the whole time.But I don't mind though*smile*.

Well today went you tube to watch Twilight.Especially the baseball scene.The way Alice Cullen pitch is like damn hot.The way her toes point.And Edard is just soo...*drool*.Speechlees in his presence.And watch the kising scene where they cut in the cinema.Well I don't think it is as romantic as the book express it.I want to watch Twilight again.Please somebody bring me to the cinema again.Anyone??:)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tagged by Joey:)

01. Compose a list of your top 15 sexiest famous men.
02. Collect one picture of each guy on your list.
03. Post them in your journal.
04. Tag 15 people to do the same.

1Orlando bloom


3.Josh Duhamel

4.Gaspard Ulliel

5.Zac efron

6.Jesse Metcalfe

7.Chad Michael Murray

8Penn Badgley

9Chace crawford

10 Pierce brosnan:)

11Ed westwick

12 Milo Ventimiglia

13David Beckham

14 Ashton kutcher

15 Taylor lautner:D A.K.A. J acob Black

i tagged everyone

Friday, November 28, 2008

2 am and still awake!!:)

hey people!!This is just gonna be a short one since its a friggin' 2am and I am sleepy.BUT this will be only chance to blog since I am at my aunty house and she allows me to use the comp but there won't be much to say anyways.God,my daddy is never going to fix the computer.humph!!Well its been a friggin' boring holiday.I haven't been able to go anywhere.I just laze around at home.Thank God I get to go Penang and my cousins are all here.Yeah!!I miss my kawans so much!!I haven't talk to most of them.Only been talking to Joey.And I miss him so so much!!I also can't wait to watch Twilight.:)So someone pick a date and lets get going already.Yup pretty much that is all for now and I will try to blog as soon as possible.ASAP.Till then,hugs and kisses...:)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Funny??Embaressing??What do you think??=D

You know what??I am going to write about one of the best time I had in school.One which is going to be embaressing and funny.Well all I could remember was it was a Monday and as like any school day BUT not until recess.It was a rainy day and I was assigned to duty in the canteen.So while I was talking to Saresh and moving backwards I knocked into some kid who was holding a bowl of hot freaking curry mee.Yeah and I felt hot,hot soup on my body but I though it was just a little splash until I looked at the splosh and I realized it was much more than that.It was on my half side of my skirt.Not to mention one side of my backside.Yeah pretty embaressing.So I wanted to go to the toilet and in front of the toilet stood there was my lovely kawans(Joey and Brenda=D).So I went towards them and show them and they were like,"What happened?What happened??,"So I tell them the story.Then came Ruth and I had a little shower at the field.Well you see,I am too smell to wear that clothes again so we went around school finding for teacher to get extra clothes.And I was walking around school barefooted with Joey behind me with the balloon pump trying to dry of the soaked skirt I had on.Wonder why Joey had a balloon pump??Well you see she is getting ready the games for the prefect training game.=DSo I got to admit she look so cute trying to pump it to dry it.Then everyone I know keep on asking the same question about why I am barefooted and why I am wet.So I tell them the whole story again.Finally I found teacher and she gave me the clothes and I went and change.The white shirt was so freaking BIG.The pinafore was just about the right size.I kinda looked a little weird with the black shoues on.And it didn't help that we had assembly after that and people looked and teacher asked about it.Well it was a torchering time because my kawans get to push me around as a student.But I really enjoyed that day a lot.So then school ended and I saw Nervando and his kawans.=)He gave me this gravitti that he did to me and it was beautiful and just...Well I just like it.Its awesome.So Joey,Brenda and Ruth you want to see it right??Here goes the awesome one.=D
Well a little blur but you can see it!!
Thanks a lot,Nervando!!!ily=)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Port Dickson!!=D

You know what?Forget about the post yesterday.It was just plain dumb and stupid.My emotion take over me.But I don't want to talk about it and I want to start fresh from scratch.The emo-ish part is gone.You heard me??GONE.Well I want to post about my trip to Port dickson.Went there for my mummy and daddy company's function.Well my daddy 's function was strictly staff only so we mostly stick to my mummy's function which is fun family day. Woke up at around 10 am and get ready.Stop by a few place before our journey to Port Dickson.Reach there about 2pm and rest in the room for about two hours before going down and play some family game.And I might add in involunterily since I was sick and partly because I don't want to embaress myself in front of my mummy's friend but end up being force to play almost all the game.After that went back to the hotel and get ready for the night event which is the barbeque/buffet dinner.It was delicious with a capital D.=DAfter that take a walk alone at the beach.It was the best walk I ever took alone.So far.The beach was so windy and peaceful it was almost as if I was in my little own world.The feeling was undescribable.Went back to the hotel at around 11pm.

Next morning have to wake up early AGAIN.It was around 7.30am went I left the room for breakfast.Didn't have any apetite to eat since I woke up to a worser case of flu.Then went and take a walk at the beach again.Then the rain started to pour and all of us ran back to the hotel and get ready to go home.Check out about 11am.So here are some picture that I took while I was there.Didn't get any sceneries though.

she's hot=)

too much.YOU know I do.=)

good lighting huh??

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy??Emo??Confuse??Which one is it??=/

Yeah yeah I am finally able to blog.I know,I know crazy huh??But I haven't been bloging in a while.Well one thing for sure is that this entry won't be sweet.First things first,apologizing season.Yeah that is right.I want take a time out to apologize to all my friends for either hurting or violated you guys in any ways that is possible and however i am capable of.I know certain things i say might have hurt not one but maybe a whole freaking lot of them.When i say freaking i mean it good.I also want to apologize to the person i love so freaking much too.When i say freaking it means a whole lot.=D Well I might hurt you and I am sorry if i didn't realize it.Well I know that I should think over my action before doing it but knowing me I will be just doing something and end up hurting someone in that process.When i come to know it I am scared it will be too late.No turning back.No...second chance.And I really don't like to think it that way.God,am I screwed up.So I want to apologize for my actions and behaviour.So SORRY!!X100

Well I am done apologizing now I want to talk about what is going on in my head lately.No,no make it today.Well I feel a little happy,a little anxious and a whole lot of mixed up emotions.Yeah.Man U is on tonight so make that a little tense up about the score.Back to topic.Well actually I have not particular reason to feel like this.Well I do have a reason for feeling like this but its much too personal though(sorry!).Well emo all day and even my aunty notice it since I wasn't my usual self but I just shrugged it off and say some excuse so that she wouldn't worry much and besides I am not up to the soal siasat she might launch towards me.I am scared I some how will break down in front of her.Totally off-guarded.So I was avoiding the whole family and pretend to be sick which I am but just faking it to be a more serious type of sickness which they buy.And so I was sitting down on the bed and suddenly a tear fell down my cheek----totally off-guarded----and I was wondering to myself why am I torchering myself??Why am I doing this again??Going thru the same freaking prosedure I have gone thru and have once vow not to do it again.Vow not to ever get myself hurt again. Well I don't know what is my freaking problem.I have great family,great friends and also great...... yah YOU get the idea.When I think back at my stupid and plain dumb emotions and behaviour I realise I was actually acting like that because I am scared.I AM scared good things never last.In fact they never do.I was pretty much scared to lose all of the freaking good friends I have and well including YOU.You don't know how it would feels like.For this people would I without hesitation take a bullet for and make that a bom too.That is how much this wonderful people are to me.I know,i know it is silly to think like this and in fact this is why i wrote it here because knowing them they will scold me for thinking like this.Trust me they can be scary.=)But you see I love this people so so so much and in fact undescribable for YOU.Haha good anxiety for those who are reading this post.Yup wonderful people.That odd to do the work.Well I am perfectly fine now and can never get better and I can't wait to hear someone's voice again.I am back to my usual self.How perfectly odd can blogging make me in a better mood.I am so gonna sleep in peace tonight mainly because I am on drugs(medicine) and that I just felt the emoness weighing out of my shoulder.I am gonna not think about this stuff for in a while.And I am g0nna sleep and sleep and sleep like a pig since I don't have to study anymore.Well unless daddy who will be willingly bring me to the cinema and that would be a whole lot better for mood-improvement.

This has been a long post and I am so glad you are still reading my crapping.Really you don't have to because I might not be able to stop myself from continous blogging if I weren't so sleepy.Well that is all and once again sorry for everything I did and thanks for everything you did.It means a lot to me.=DWell tomorrow I will post about my trip to Port Dickson and along with some pictures if possible ok.And updates on my passing birthday.Soon!!Well I am out.Bye!*wink*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Speechless is it!

Well this so going to be long.Lets talk about yesterday first.On the 18th october 2008 we prefect have a prefect training.Well it was fun and as the prefect knows,it was torchering and challenging as well.I would like to thank Ruth,Shash,Saresh and also Joey for organizing a such wonderful prefect training.They gone through so many stress.I remembered when Ruth and Shash was talking about pizza stress and drink stress.Although it is funny but i can see they put in so much EFFORT in this prefect training and i want to say i really appreciate and touch for everything they done for us,prefect-ies.Once again,thank you so much!!No i mean thank them so much.:)Then we eat pit-zza and eat so many other stuffy.Ashiqin brought chocolates.So i take(not steal:)) chocolate and you know hide it.(shhssss)Then after helping a small part in cleaning and then went and wait for my mummy outside and i saw Nervando,Syahmi and also Ridzuan:) outside across the street on the basketball court so i went and greet them then play with Nervando's phone.It is an awesome phone.I think it is a new model(sweet!).Then well i couldn't resist to eat my chocolate so start to chomp and chew on them.Not to mention i help cleaning up by bringing home a bottle of Pepsi;).hehehe!!So i was the last to went home.But it wasn't all that boring because i was listen to songs through my phone.Was kinda(a lil' bit) emo-ing and enjoying a lot too!!But i am sooo okay right now.Then at night my daddy order pit-zza again and i was about to gag of too much pit-zza.Maybe it should be pit-stop for me.Anyway i guess that is all for the day.Nothing much.

Now move on to today or should i say doomday.Well woke up at 11am.I know,i know its late but so what??You should enjoy every freaking sleeping minute of your sleep.Well that's it until exam.Went down and wasn't greet by anyoune(hummphh!).So lets fastforward to the part why i say it was doomday.Well i check my phone bill and it was a freaking RM129.25 and so i freak out.Because of a)it was overlimit(the limit is RM50 only!!) and b)its gonna get cut off.So i played it casually and ask my mum,''What if my bill is more that RM100 plus?'' and then she replied,''I will suspend your sim for 2months.'' So then i was kinda happy that she said SUSPEND.So i tell her that my bill is a freaking RM129.25 and she start my suspension today but the best part is that i get to keep the sim but not use the creadit so people if i don't reply your sms no hard feelings okay??But then again my mummy she blurted out the truth to daddy and he give me that hard stare athat say you-so-did-not-do-that and said,''Cut line!'' and i just look at him sadly and went upstairs but i hope my mummy will tell him not to but knowing her she won't side me.So i guess that is it.A no-no phone for me.But i hope the chance is still there.So here i am blogging about the shit i am in right now.Its not that i mind getting my line cut but theres a reason why i need it so much.The way for me to maintain stuff the way it is.But to those who know me,there is always something up in this head to think of something to do.So people watch out!!I am about to strike again!So that is it for now.bye bye:)
btw,Day 1 and still counting till 2months.

P.S Pleasex100 pray i don't get the line off!!=)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

drama much?Think again!

Ever wonder what its like to have a drama queen in the house?Well wonder no more because i am here to tell you what its like.There will be dramas(duh!),fights as in catfghts(meowrr!),cursings and more dramas.Well here is how the story goes.Why i decided to blog about my drama queen sister.Okay,at first i was talking on the phone(secretly) in the middle of the night and she was there because we share the same room.So when i off the phone her face expression was like,''i am going to tell mummy.'' So i was like please don't tell mummy i make late night calls.So i tolerate with her drama queen(or should i say bitchyness?) for a while so she won't say anything to them as in my parents.But after only one day when we were talking(me and daddy) she go and BLURT out my secret.Wanna know why i freak out over this??Because I been on the phone very often nowadays so my parents kinda warn me about toooo much usage of phone and they even threatened me they will cut my line means no phone,no gossip,no camera,no songs,no entertainment AND mostly no life.Tell me how can i not be pissed off?

AND for your information she also call me cow,elephant,doofus,crazy,geek and also whatever.She barely knows what those means.Well except cow and elephant.And she just shoot me hurtfully.Ouch!She barely respect me.Oh make that never respect me.I was defeated by a 7-years-old girl.Well i might not be defeated if i was able to use all those bad words BUT i respect my parents and also her.(I can't believe i just say i respect her)So now currently ain't talking to her.You know when she was 6-years-old,my cousin bought her a shirt that says 'I AM A DRAMA QUEEN' and i will find the shirt and take picture and someday i will put it in the blog because currently i can't upload any picture soon.

Well that is all.I am sorry i babble too much.Thanks for listening to my complaint.I just need to let out my feelings because i had no where else to let out.If you find this offending tell me okay?But i will not do anything(honestly,sorry).This will most probably be my last post until exam is over so BIG toodles to people out there.Love you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Shit!I am kinda addicted to bloggie already.Honestly,i don't really have much to talk but i got this urge to blog so here i am blogging bout today.Oh to the malays:Happy Hari Raya.Today everyone in my house woke up at around 7.30am in the morning.They really don't have holidays spirit.Well i woke up at that time too but too tired so end up sleeping again until 10.30am.So went down stairs and saw mummy talking to the Maxis people about the suplimentary line she might get me.But then again she most probably won't be anyways because she thinks i only sms and don't study.Well to tell you the truth i never study until 1 week before the exam then only i start my study. Then sulked for at least a minute then she anounce that we are going to The Curve so i got all spiritual again and get dress up.

Well,firstly sent daddy to the club because he want to play golf.Then went to The Curve and once i saw the sale in Brands Outlets i ran inside and start to find nicely discount pants.And also clothes.End up getting 2 pants,1 skirt and also a t-shirt.The shirt is kinda sexy.Its like in frontlike any normal t-shirt and then at the back you can get a full view of my back so kena wear singlet so no sexy back for me.Then when to Ikea,walk around a litle and i got my eyes on this cute table lamp and i want it.its blue and opposite of it there is a pink lamp so my sis and i fight.I can't bare to see another pink stuff everytime i open our closet.I don't hate pink just that the colour give me headache.Anyways none of us get it.:(So went home and try on the clothes and bla bla bla.Watch Disney Channel Game 2008 and saw the hot disney channel hottie and start cheering for them and for the first event BLUE team won(take that the kunings,merahs and hijaus).Then went to this vegetarian restaurant to have dinner.It is totally gross but luckily got side dishes which is not veggie.I see my parents eating it can seriously make me puke.For the veggie lover,no offence.

Then came home,change into my jammies and online and blog.So basically,that is all.I really apreciate those who ACTUALLY reads my crap.Thanks!I am so touch.(tears)haha just kidding(the tears part).Anyways i am so glad Joey's home.Can finally talk to her and then again she will be studying.Nevermind i will be talking to someone else. So now got to go and watch CSI:).Tata and good night.

PS. Sorry won't be updating pictures sooner.Will do so soon.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weeee!!(in a happy funny way)

Oh my godd!!I am so sorry i didn't post any bloggie..My computer kinda kena virus because of me.=)i download to many songs and end up getting more than i want.But i was not blame.hahaha!!I never thought i would say this but i miss blogging so much.

Firstly,i want to wish the malays a very happy Hari Raya.To illa,ikan,eda,aisyah,sarah,ismah,asma,liyana, i am sorry if i pernah say something or do anything mean to you guys.You people mean the world to me tau and have and awesome raya people.I also want to apologize to all my non-malays friends for anything i do or say that might hurt your feelings i truly apologize.To my kawans(JBR(: ),i am so sorry for things that i do or say i just don't mean to hurt you.I love you.God,this things are making me tearing.

Okay,my post for last week:

The first few days of that week was quite dreadful and also wonderful.I know,i know you will be thinking what is she saying??Well lets just say sometimes i get what i want and i lose something valuable to me.I was freaking sad in the day and i was freaking happy at night.I don't know why i feel like this also you know.It is so .....weird!But,in the end of the day,things work their way out and i guess i am happy in the day nor night.:)I am so glad to be there for the people that need me.And i also been crapping a lot with Brenda-honey!!God,i love her so much.Trust me she is so lovable and not to mention have pretty soft skin.=)Oh ya,on the last day of school before school holidays,we the immature prefect play in the rain.It is a wonder that i didn't fall sick.Poor Shash and Sandy kena pour water on.Ruth and i was like,''Lets scram before kena pour water on,''.And joey also kena push to the rain.Fyi,i hugged illa,joey,ruth,brenda, and also ikan.Muaxx babe!(not gay)

Okay,my post for the weekend:

I went to 1u on saturday.Went and bought 2 gorgeous shirt from F.O.S. .It was kinda cheap.60 bucks for 2.Then went MPH(not that mental hospital) and bought freaking many books.I also bought Twilight you were talking bout Joey.You can borrow after i am done.I also bought the ashleys books.Good recommendation guys.And i wouldn't miss buying archies.I am kinda a Archies freak.(shy!)Then when home was totally exhausted so went bed earlier.
The next day,i went and pluck the weeds in my small garden but i just finish 1 bag of weeds.Actually,this ain't charity work.I was offer 20 bucks to clear out the garden.Firstly,i put sunblock(i know such bitchyness but i can't be any darker than i am now).Start my job,start plucking here,plucking there and plucking everywhere.Then theres this place at the side of my garden i try to pull out the weeds but the roots is kinda firm to the ground so i pull and pull and then came out the whole patch of ground.Guess what i saw?Freaking earthworm moving everywhere so i just put the patch of thing down and run inside and wash my hand and sit down the way i should have been doing.I waste the sunblock for nothing.Just use it for 5 freaking minutes.Once the weeds is clear and earthworm-free i am going to sun-tan there!!heehee!!

Okay,my post for this weeks:

On Monday,nothing much really happen just crappin with my cousin.Use her computer to online.On myspace and barely know how to use it.Oh ya,thanks Nervando for helping me buatkan.:)Honestly,i don't even know freaking how to use.Just know how to sign in,look at ppl profile and also log out.How dumb!!Always been,always will be.

Well today,my parents came and pick me from aunty house and then when i first enter the car,i saw a box where went you bought a handphone so i thought it was for me but it turns out to be my dad's one.The reason he bought another one is because his current phone jatuh in the toilet bowl.So smart.Anyways it is a w380i.Was kinda jealous because the sound system was effing good.Anyways,luckily i got good news also.I am/might get a new number which is a 012 so i can sms cheaper.My number now is making my parents money flying like mad.Its all my fault!Again!(embaressed)But i am goin to appreciate the new number am/might be getting for my birthday.Somehow i wish my birthday is not going to be on Deepavali day because people will be wishing me Happy Deepavali instead of ,''Hey ris,Happy Birthday''.Well i hope it doesn't suxx!Oh ya,not to mention near exam date.Stupid!Not you people!Now i am blogging,friendster-ing and also lately myspace-ing.But i still prefer to blog because it feels good to let it all out.Besides,i can read my kawans feelings also.

I am so sorry because i won't be updating any pics sooner.I also not really sure whether i can online that much for exam is coming real soon.I also can wait to watch Kami The Movie,HSM3 and also Mamma Mia.Please,please do recommend me more best show,okayy??

Well thats it for now,till i blog again.Bye people.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thanks for the MEMORIES

Guess what time i woke up today??Well 10.30am its not that late right?My cousin say,''Wah, now only wake up,'' then he shake his head and act as if i did something bad.Well what i can do?I just stood there and smile because its true.When to school at 12.00noon.Saw my kawans Zoul,Syahmi and Nervando.:)Talk to them for a while and also mess with all of their bag(sorry) and saw their grafitti.Was impress though.Not bad,not bad!!

When for spot check,i was spotcheck-ing 1Jujur then in the end there stood Punitha.Then Ashiqin was like,''i am not checking her," and i say;"me too!,".So we go around and dare ppl as in prefect to spot-check her.And our hero Joey(a.k.a. Young Thoughtful Needed) did the deeds.Well actually Joey just gave her orders and she just do it so then again no thanks to YTN.Well i actually feel pity for her that she don't really have friends.She is a nice girl.But what to do?Go back to class and do BM.After that when for this ceramah.Illa was talking so loud and then Puan Teng was like,"You are all very noisy," then we keep our mouth sealed for a while.Then in the dewan we make noise again.I sat with Shiqin-ikan and Joey was sitting with Illa.They were doing JY LOVE ILLA using tack-it.Then Ashiqin was like lesbo.We also wrote on the paper losers and show them.Well we call Joey loser and she turn behind so we laugh again.Luckily Illa never turn behind.To Joey:Next time don't turn behind when we don't mention your name.Then Illa wrote perasans on a paper but we know already so we never look and pretend we are blind.Then ceramah habis already and definitely Illa and Joey have to take out the tack-it from the table.Me and Ashiqin was like,"ha-ha yours doesn't last long and ours is permanent(we wrote on the paper),".Then we call them POP-POT.So it sounds like kentut.Well no wonder they are the busuks,kan Ashiqin?Then go back class for maths and Mr.Yap the Maths panitia was there to check our books.Teacher was nervous and i don't understand what she says coz she biasanya talk malay.So after Maths when to KH and kena nag from Pn.Janah.Humphh!Don't know why lar she always nag!Small but scary.When recess after that and as usually dutying at canteen.Before dutying,went to toilet and meet Ashiqin on the way there and I was like,"Emergency!," and she say,"Oh,i saw something leaking,".How bad of you!Then for PJ, Shash come and tell me something but i don't find it shocking.Talk to Joey about stuff.And thanks for always be there for me.Brenda look so happy running on the field.So hawt and atheletic lar my babe.Then talk,talk,talk to Joey and Ruth(a.k.a. Rasional Thoughtful) about clothes and dress.I must shop for more dress.Bell rang and went back to class for PS.Then come down again and sit at Pokok Cemerlang.Talk to Ruth,Shashfiny and Sandy.Talk about stuff.Then reach home and saw my mummy then she go and ta-pau ba ku teh for us.So sedap!Took some picture as usual.

upside down!

the Khongsuwans

(see this Joey)

do they?

so adore-able!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Firstly,i want to wish Nickee Happy Birthday!!Didn't really wish him properly.Sorry!!

When and jaga Tangga 5 with Brenda-honey(thanks for temaning me) for 12.45 duty.We talk about so many stuff.It so good that i finally get to know Brenda better.She is a Brilliant Hawt Loyal Young.Oh she is so adorable.That goes to my kawans that had always been there for me.I just love to say it all the time.It kinda makes me rekindles my cinta to them.I know i am crapping again.=)When to class and continue crapping with my friends.The rest of the studying period was pretty boring.Came home and check my e-mails and i saw something rather nice and i want to show you so i decided to put it in my post for today.Here goes my discover.=)

One song can spark a moment,
One flower can wake the dream.
One tree can start a forest,
One bird can herald spring.
One smile begins a friendship,
One handclasp lifts a soul.
One star can guide a ship at sea,
One word can frame the goal.
One vote can change a nation,
One sunbeam lights a room.
One candle wipes out darkness,
One laugh will conquer gloom.
One step must start each journey,
One word must start each prayer.
One hope will raise our spirits,
One touch can show you care.
One voice can speak with wisdom,
One heart can know what's true.
One life can make the difference,
You see, IT'S UP TO YOU

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Honey Star,Apple Pie

What can i write about today??Actually nothing much really happen.Just lock myself in the room and just get away from everything,you know..But everytime i do that i tend to flashback to how things use to be.Right now,it seems like everything is changing big time.I don't even know where i stand right now.I may seem happy at school but when i get home things start to get different.Tears star pouring and feels like i am all alone in this tiny world i live in.

It seems like i can only find peace in the temple and in my mp3.Somehow the chanting of the monk really make me relax and for a second i stop thinking bout all the things i am facing.So does the music chanting.Been doing a lots of chores,it helps me keep my mind least.Been taking lots and lots of random pictures nowadays.Maybe in some ways it describe me and maybe not.




my old levi

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I was born to tell you I Love You

I hugged Illa!!(This is for you Illa.Love you)

Monday, September 8, 2008

She,you and me.

Yesterday i went to Joey's house to finish the finishing touch(actually alot more) for our Sivik project.Reach there at around 12noon.Then we start doing the project and finish up everything about 3pm.Joey is a really good decerator so all the papers are from plain to fab.(You own me 1 Joey,complimentaries for you!)

After that we actually plan to emo about our life but then my kawan(ily!) want to take picture so we start to be each others mirror.We took a lot of retarded picture but the picture i took of her was nice because my camera lighting is very nice and no doubt Joey has good angles.So her goes all the pictures.Enjoy!

she is gearing up

she gets better



booom!!she nailed it!picture perfect!

she came from australia

mama=kangaroo baby=Joey=D


what is this??

spongey is square

i hate this

she rather kissed the wall!=(

fine!i hug the wall then..

she will be my mirror
(read joey's blog to)

ehhh,mana kawan saya??

hear no evil..

smell no evil..

think no evil..(hers is more like shooting)

speak/kiss no evil...

close your eyes!!

upside down!!she is a wonder!!

half of the love..

i love this..random but natural

she camouflages again!!

see that?the phone!!

kangaroo no looky=(

there is a glass in between

i peep..but she saw me!!

delicious huh?i try it=)

Lastly,i would like to thank Joey for the wonderful day.And i want you to know that i am so glad to have you(and all of you ppl) as my friend.Thanks for being there when i needed you and i also wanna say that i couldn't pray for a better friend.I am really sorry if i ever say anything or do anything wrong that hurt you but i never meant all of those.You are also one of the reason i stay strong all along.From my crying buddy to emo time buddy and also my true buddy.I know i may not be perfect but i will be in my bestest thing i could be.I know i sound emo but this is how i really feel and i want you to know that so it could lighten you up.I know you been having a lot of problems and i may not be able to help but you can talk to me anytime.So if there is any crying episode,do call me and we will do it together ok??ily.(to Ruth,Brenda and others,this is for you too!)