Sunday, October 19, 2008

Speechless is it!

Well this so going to be long.Lets talk about yesterday first.On the 18th october 2008 we prefect have a prefect training.Well it was fun and as the prefect knows,it was torchering and challenging as well.I would like to thank Ruth,Shash,Saresh and also Joey for organizing a such wonderful prefect training.They gone through so many stress.I remembered when Ruth and Shash was talking about pizza stress and drink stress.Although it is funny but i can see they put in so much EFFORT in this prefect training and i want to say i really appreciate and touch for everything they done for us,prefect-ies.Once again,thank you so much!!No i mean thank them so much.:)Then we eat pit-zza and eat so many other stuffy.Ashiqin brought chocolates.So i take(not steal:)) chocolate and you know hide it.(shhssss)Then after helping a small part in cleaning and then went and wait for my mummy outside and i saw Nervando,Syahmi and also Ridzuan:) outside across the street on the basketball court so i went and greet them then play with Nervando's phone.It is an awesome phone.I think it is a new model(sweet!).Then well i couldn't resist to eat my chocolate so start to chomp and chew on them.Not to mention i help cleaning up by bringing home a bottle of Pepsi;).hehehe!!So i was the last to went home.But it wasn't all that boring because i was listen to songs through my phone.Was kinda(a lil' bit) emo-ing and enjoying a lot too!!But i am sooo okay right now.Then at night my daddy order pit-zza again and i was about to gag of too much pit-zza.Maybe it should be pit-stop for me.Anyway i guess that is all for the day.Nothing much.

Now move on to today or should i say doomday.Well woke up at 11am.I know,i know its late but so what??You should enjoy every freaking sleeping minute of your sleep.Well that's it until exam.Went down and wasn't greet by anyoune(hummphh!).So lets fastforward to the part why i say it was doomday.Well i check my phone bill and it was a freaking RM129.25 and so i freak out.Because of a)it was overlimit(the limit is RM50 only!!) and b)its gonna get cut off.So i played it casually and ask my mum,''What if my bill is more that RM100 plus?'' and then she replied,''I will suspend your sim for 2months.'' So then i was kinda happy that she said SUSPEND.So i tell her that my bill is a freaking RM129.25 and she start my suspension today but the best part is that i get to keep the sim but not use the creadit so people if i don't reply your sms no hard feelings okay??But then again my mummy she blurted out the truth to daddy and he give me that hard stare athat say you-so-did-not-do-that and said,''Cut line!'' and i just look at him sadly and went upstairs but i hope my mummy will tell him not to but knowing her she won't side me.So i guess that is it.A no-no phone for me.But i hope the chance is still there.So here i am blogging about the shit i am in right now.Its not that i mind getting my line cut but theres a reason why i need it so much.The way for me to maintain stuff the way it is.But to those who know me,there is always something up in this head to think of something to do.So people watch out!!I am about to strike again!So that is it for now.bye bye:)
btw,Day 1 and still counting till 2months.

P.S Pleasex100 pray i don't get the line off!!=)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

drama much?Think again!

Ever wonder what its like to have a drama queen in the house?Well wonder no more because i am here to tell you what its like.There will be dramas(duh!),fights as in catfghts(meowrr!),cursings and more dramas.Well here is how the story goes.Why i decided to blog about my drama queen sister.Okay,at first i was talking on the phone(secretly) in the middle of the night and she was there because we share the same room.So when i off the phone her face expression was like,''i am going to tell mummy.'' So i was like please don't tell mummy i make late night calls.So i tolerate with her drama queen(or should i say bitchyness?) for a while so she won't say anything to them as in my parents.But after only one day when we were talking(me and daddy) she go and BLURT out my secret.Wanna know why i freak out over this??Because I been on the phone very often nowadays so my parents kinda warn me about toooo much usage of phone and they even threatened me they will cut my line means no phone,no gossip,no camera,no songs,no entertainment AND mostly no life.Tell me how can i not be pissed off?

AND for your information she also call me cow,elephant,doofus,crazy,geek and also whatever.She barely knows what those means.Well except cow and elephant.And she just shoot me hurtfully.Ouch!She barely respect me.Oh make that never respect me.I was defeated by a 7-years-old girl.Well i might not be defeated if i was able to use all those bad words BUT i respect my parents and also her.(I can't believe i just say i respect her)So now currently ain't talking to her.You know when she was 6-years-old,my cousin bought her a shirt that says 'I AM A DRAMA QUEEN' and i will find the shirt and take picture and someday i will put it in the blog because currently i can't upload any picture soon.

Well that is all.I am sorry i babble too much.Thanks for listening to my complaint.I just need to let out my feelings because i had no where else to let out.If you find this offending tell me okay?But i will not do anything(honestly,sorry).This will most probably be my last post until exam is over so BIG toodles to people out there.Love you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Shit!I am kinda addicted to bloggie already.Honestly,i don't really have much to talk but i got this urge to blog so here i am blogging bout today.Oh to the malays:Happy Hari Raya.Today everyone in my house woke up at around 7.30am in the morning.They really don't have holidays spirit.Well i woke up at that time too but too tired so end up sleeping again until 10.30am.So went down stairs and saw mummy talking to the Maxis people about the suplimentary line she might get me.But then again she most probably won't be anyways because she thinks i only sms and don't study.Well to tell you the truth i never study until 1 week before the exam then only i start my study. Then sulked for at least a minute then she anounce that we are going to The Curve so i got all spiritual again and get dress up.

Well,firstly sent daddy to the club because he want to play golf.Then went to The Curve and once i saw the sale in Brands Outlets i ran inside and start to find nicely discount pants.And also clothes.End up getting 2 pants,1 skirt and also a t-shirt.The shirt is kinda sexy.Its like in frontlike any normal t-shirt and then at the back you can get a full view of my back so kena wear singlet so no sexy back for me.Then when to Ikea,walk around a litle and i got my eyes on this cute table lamp and i want it.its blue and opposite of it there is a pink lamp so my sis and i fight.I can't bare to see another pink stuff everytime i open our closet.I don't hate pink just that the colour give me headache.Anyways none of us get it.:(So went home and try on the clothes and bla bla bla.Watch Disney Channel Game 2008 and saw the hot disney channel hottie and start cheering for them and for the first event BLUE team won(take that the kunings,merahs and hijaus).Then went to this vegetarian restaurant to have dinner.It is totally gross but luckily got side dishes which is not veggie.I see my parents eating it can seriously make me puke.For the veggie lover,no offence.

Then came home,change into my jammies and online and blog.So basically,that is all.I really apreciate those who ACTUALLY reads my crap.Thanks!I am so touch.(tears)haha just kidding(the tears part).Anyways i am so glad Joey's home.Can finally talk to her and then again she will be studying.Nevermind i will be talking to someone else. So now got to go and watch CSI:).Tata and good night.

PS. Sorry won't be updating pictures sooner.Will do so soon.