Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Three words,eight letters

Iam home!!At last.Well I didn't really tell where I went.I actually went and celebrate christmas in Thailand.Wow a beautiful place.Never cease to amaze me.It still gots its charm.Well went there 4 days and 3 nights.You know what??I haven't upload the pics yet so I will post about it in my next post.

Again,WOW!New year.I am not entirely sure whether I want a new year.Actually this year had been a disastreous year for me.I lose some stuff and in the same time I did gain some experience.Although it doesn't end badly,I am pretty sure its the worst year ever.You know how kids use to say,''I wanna grow up fast.''?Yeah I said that too.But when I really experience being a teenager,I really wish I taken back my words and I wish I would stay forever young.THATS a dream come true.No fuss no drama no nothing.Just eat,sleep,play and shit.Seriously,parents make it seem so easy to be an adult.But truthfully I can see in their eyes as I grow up there is pain and stress.I know one day when I grow up I will somehow end up like that.After all,life s a cycle.Always the same routine no matter what path you take.It is so sickening.I just wish something different would happen.Something better.

I really been through a lot this year and I learnt from it but I got a feeling I will make the same mistakes again.Its just unavoidable.I did cried a lot this year.Old habits die hard.Sometimes there are words that cut deeper than any blades could ever cut.I know some of you did go through this kind of things right?I did choose a wrong path once but I never did think about the consequences and when it all comes to a bad end,I think back and I blame myself.Who else can I blame?I choose this path,I must face the consequences.Its just the way it has to be.

But I do have my I-love-it part also.And those are with all my friends.I just want to say I really am happy to have friends like this.Couldn't have ask for a better one.I really appreciate them.From being there for me to be my shoulder to cry on.So I am so proud to say they are my kawan baiks.:)Love you.

Conclusion,One of my best and worst year ever.Best because I really did gain experience about being a teenager and worst because truthfully I really hate the pain I felt.But I am going to change it.I am going to live my life to the fullest like nobody's bussiness.My mission possible 1.New year get ready here I come.

Happy New Year.Posting this at 12midnight.
Sincerely yours,

Three words,eight letters
Love is timeless.
I want to be like that.:)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tell me something I don't know

I am starting to read Twilight again.I just love the way Edward talks to Bella.So sweet and so drool-worthy!!Well as before,once read won't be able to stop reading.It is so addictive.And I feel the book is way way better than the movie.But if you haven't read the book yet than the movie definitely is nice.:)

And my suspension is finally over.I almost didn't make it but *ta daa* I did.*proud*Okay..I should explain.Well,you see in October my phone bill turned out to be so high.RM129.45.Yup.So its way overlimit and my mummy decided to suspend me from phone usage for 2months.And now its over,over and over.Now I won't be using my phone much except for important stuff.Well didn't really do much nowadays.Just sit in front of the computer and online and download song.You should really hear I miss you by Miley Cyrus.Its so freaking nice.

Thats about all.I will blog soon.I am going to thailand soon.Yeah i know,i know who want to go Thailand at this time with all the politics stuff.Well it seems like the person is my family:).Well well this should be fun.*evil*Just kidding.Ta ta.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Joey's taggie:)

a) State 15 weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself.
b) The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things or habits or little known facts.
c) No tag backs.

1.Like the title say..I am weird!!

2.I am very very fat

3.I eat milo powder sometimes:)

4.I cry too much*hee hee*

5.I wake up at 12noon almost all the time

6.I can't stand being alone

7.I am a bitch!:)

8.I don't know how to float

9.Have no plans for the big future

10.Stuborn and annoying

11.I like to spend money*cha ching*

12.I think everyone dislike me

13.I don't think before i talk

14.I watch Ben10:)

15.Very clumsay!!

I tag:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ismah's tag:)

Remove 1 question from below and add in a personal question, make it a total of 19 questions.
Then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post.
Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. What is it that bothers you the most?

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
eat :D

3. What is the motto of your life?
don't really have one.Just go with the flow:)

4. What will you do when you're feeling angry/disappointed with someone?
Nothing,I guess.

5. What is the most important thing to you?

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
In some way,yes.In other way,no.

7. Are you afraid of pain?
explain pain.

8. What do you feel like doing right now?
pack my stuff

9. If there’s someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
already did.:)

10. What is your favourite website currently?
Blog Blog Blog !

11. What is the question that you can't find an answer?
I s there such thing as forever?

12. Do you think friendship is more important than loveship?

13. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
ice cream

14. If you will die after today , what will you do ?
what can I do?

15.If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
nothing.I love me just the way I am.

16. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I don't know

17. What is the one thing you hate about yourself?
crying like shit

18. If you can bring only one thing along with you to another world, what would it be?
my parents

19. Can you survive this world?
Most probably not.
I tag:

A smile a day:)

It's good to finally blog again but I am losing all my bloging skill.I feel like I can't write anymore.It's so weird but I will give it my best shot.:)Holidays are ending soon and school is just around the corner.I really can't wait to go to school again.I just don't want to be lonely at home.Well not exactly lonely,lonely as in socially lonely.Okay I don't really get it myself. This,so far,had been a horrible holiday in many ways.Not entirely but yeah you get the idea.

To tell you the truth,me myself also been pretty wreck emotionally,mentally and also physically.Emotionally because something and something and mentally because I don't know and physically because I been eating non-stop.Turning into a fat-ass soon.:)I really am glad I am going on a vacation in 3 freaking more days.All I need for clearing off my mind and starting fresh with a new state of mind and also relaxation.I will blog about it soon!!:)Yesterday went to metro prima and have lunch and do some shoe-shopping(4 mummy) and also school stuff.Anyways,during lunch yesterday my brother tried to take a sip from his drink but he cannot suck it because the straw got a hole.So my daddy ask my brother to give him the drink so he could check mana tahu the drink *splash* all over my daddy clothes and pants and theres colouring so you could really see the staining on his pants and clothes and not to mention soo sticky.Soo he drag me with him as a cover for the stain*hee hee* to buy new clothes.Well luckily he brought me if not God knows how his taste is.He look so cute with the stain all over his pants.Just like a clumsy old man.:)No offence,daddy.Well after that we went home.

We watch 'The sharkboy and lavagirl' and he as in Taylor Lautner is so freaking hoot!!Also play in Twilight as Jacob Black*drool*.Well watch over and over again because my brother keep on rewind and forwarding the whole time.But I don't mind though*smile*.

Well today went you tube to watch Twilight.Especially the baseball scene.The way Alice Cullen pitch is like damn hot.The way her toes point.And Edard is just soo...*drool*.Speechlees in his presence.And watch the kising scene where they cut in the cinema.Well I don't think it is as romantic as the book express it.I want to watch Twilight again.Please somebody bring me to the cinema again.Anyone??:)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tagged by Joey:)

01. Compose a list of your top 15 sexiest famous men.
02. Collect one picture of each guy on your list.
03. Post them in your journal.
04. Tag 15 people to do the same.

1Orlando bloom


3.Josh Duhamel

4.Gaspard Ulliel

5.Zac efron

6.Jesse Metcalfe

7.Chad Michael Murray

8Penn Badgley

9Chace crawford

10 Pierce brosnan:)

11Ed westwick

12 Milo Ventimiglia

13David Beckham

14 Ashton kutcher

15 Taylor lautner:D A.K.A. J acob Black

i tagged everyone