Friday, May 29, 2009

You say it best.

Oh yes.

To all my teachers.

Happy Teachers day

I just want you to know I love and appreciate all that you done for me.I couldn't find words to thank you enough.I love my teachers so much.

Psss:I know teachers don't read blog.Except Pn. Isya.:)

You belong with me

Oh my god!!!Exams over and here comes the *drum roll* HOLIDAYS.I am excited to leave here and clear of my mind(again!).Yes, this time I am goin to Manado,Sulawesi,Indonesia.I am soo gonna have so much fun and 
PSSS:Joey,you were right.It wasn't worth it.:)

So I made a promise to myself to have fun and not think about anything but suntanned,watching the sunset and everything that have to do with the beach.God,I know you are jealous Joey and Brenda.Muahahaha*Rico style*.
Anyways,no worries I will try to get as much souvenirs for you guys.Well I just want to say gooodbye and take care.I love you guys so much.
Joey,Brenda,Illa,Iqin,Ismah,Sha Sha,Sandy,Ruth,Eda and all of my friends.
*Sorry if I forgot to mention your name.Kinda busy*

And to the Pulau Rendang-nians,Have the time of your holidays:DThat's all,enjoy your holidays.Once again Happy Holidays.

Manado here I come!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Missing Memories

I am very bored right now.So I decided to look through all those memories pictures.So I decided to post those picture just for the fun of it. Take a look and enjoy a good laugh:)I will be doing this on and off.Many oldpics will be up.

This was after tuition and we cam whored but I like this picture best

This picture was taken during an outing to OU.She look so hot.

Joey's 2008 birthday splash:)

My very own grafitti:)

hahaha.Nothing better to do on a rainy day

hahaha.Happy days huh?

Project finishing day(4 sivik)
end up camwhoring a lot.
Ruthy and me

My very first pan mee making:)*proud* I missed it:)

Jo's b'day 2008:)