Friday, November 28, 2008

2 am and still awake!!:)

hey people!!This is just gonna be a short one since its a friggin' 2am and I am sleepy.BUT this will be only chance to blog since I am at my aunty house and she allows me to use the comp but there won't be much to say anyways.God,my daddy is never going to fix the computer.humph!!Well its been a friggin' boring holiday.I haven't been able to go anywhere.I just laze around at home.Thank God I get to go Penang and my cousins are all here.Yeah!!I miss my kawans so much!!I haven't talk to most of them.Only been talking to Joey.And I miss him so so much!!I also can't wait to watch Twilight.:)So someone pick a date and lets get going already.Yup pretty much that is all for now and I will try to blog as soon as possible.ASAP.Till then,hugs and kisses...:)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Funny??Embaressing??What do you think??=D

You know what??I am going to write about one of the best time I had in school.One which is going to be embaressing and funny.Well all I could remember was it was a Monday and as like any school day BUT not until recess.It was a rainy day and I was assigned to duty in the canteen.So while I was talking to Saresh and moving backwards I knocked into some kid who was holding a bowl of hot freaking curry mee.Yeah and I felt hot,hot soup on my body but I though it was just a little splash until I looked at the splosh and I realized it was much more than that.It was on my half side of my skirt.Not to mention one side of my backside.Yeah pretty embaressing.So I wanted to go to the toilet and in front of the toilet stood there was my lovely kawans(Joey and Brenda=D).So I went towards them and show them and they were like,"What happened?What happened??,"So I tell them the story.Then came Ruth and I had a little shower at the field.Well you see,I am too smell to wear that clothes again so we went around school finding for teacher to get extra clothes.And I was walking around school barefooted with Joey behind me with the balloon pump trying to dry of the soaked skirt I had on.Wonder why Joey had a balloon pump??Well you see she is getting ready the games for the prefect training game.=DSo I got to admit she look so cute trying to pump it to dry it.Then everyone I know keep on asking the same question about why I am barefooted and why I am wet.So I tell them the whole story again.Finally I found teacher and she gave me the clothes and I went and change.The white shirt was so freaking BIG.The pinafore was just about the right size.I kinda looked a little weird with the black shoues on.And it didn't help that we had assembly after that and people looked and teacher asked about it.Well it was a torchering time because my kawans get to push me around as a student.But I really enjoyed that day a lot.So then school ended and I saw Nervando and his kawans.=)He gave me this gravitti that he did to me and it was beautiful and just...Well I just like it.Its awesome.So Joey,Brenda and Ruth you want to see it right??Here goes the awesome one.=D
Well a little blur but you can see it!!
Thanks a lot,Nervando!!!ily=)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Port Dickson!!=D

You know what?Forget about the post yesterday.It was just plain dumb and stupid.My emotion take over me.But I don't want to talk about it and I want to start fresh from scratch.The emo-ish part is gone.You heard me??GONE.Well I want to post about my trip to Port dickson.Went there for my mummy and daddy company's function.Well my daddy 's function was strictly staff only so we mostly stick to my mummy's function which is fun family day. Woke up at around 10 am and get ready.Stop by a few place before our journey to Port Dickson.Reach there about 2pm and rest in the room for about two hours before going down and play some family game.And I might add in involunterily since I was sick and partly because I don't want to embaress myself in front of my mummy's friend but end up being force to play almost all the game.After that went back to the hotel and get ready for the night event which is the barbeque/buffet dinner.It was delicious with a capital D.=DAfter that take a walk alone at the beach.It was the best walk I ever took alone.So far.The beach was so windy and peaceful it was almost as if I was in my little own world.The feeling was undescribable.Went back to the hotel at around 11pm.

Next morning have to wake up early AGAIN.It was around 7.30am went I left the room for breakfast.Didn't have any apetite to eat since I woke up to a worser case of flu.Then went and take a walk at the beach again.Then the rain started to pour and all of us ran back to the hotel and get ready to go home.Check out about 11am.So here are some picture that I took while I was there.Didn't get any sceneries though.

she's hot=)

too much.YOU know I do.=)

good lighting huh??

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy??Emo??Confuse??Which one is it??=/

Yeah yeah I am finally able to blog.I know,I know crazy huh??But I haven't been bloging in a while.Well one thing for sure is that this entry won't be sweet.First things first,apologizing season.Yeah that is right.I want take a time out to apologize to all my friends for either hurting or violated you guys in any ways that is possible and however i am capable of.I know certain things i say might have hurt not one but maybe a whole freaking lot of them.When i say freaking i mean it good.I also want to apologize to the person i love so freaking much too.When i say freaking it means a whole lot.=D Well I might hurt you and I am sorry if i didn't realize it.Well I know that I should think over my action before doing it but knowing me I will be just doing something and end up hurting someone in that process.When i come to know it I am scared it will be too late.No turning back.No...second chance.And I really don't like to think it that way.God,am I screwed up.So I want to apologize for my actions and behaviour.So SORRY!!X100

Well I am done apologizing now I want to talk about what is going on in my head lately.No,no make it today.Well I feel a little happy,a little anxious and a whole lot of mixed up emotions.Yeah.Man U is on tonight so make that a little tense up about the score.Back to topic.Well actually I have not particular reason to feel like this.Well I do have a reason for feeling like this but its much too personal though(sorry!).Well emo all day and even my aunty notice it since I wasn't my usual self but I just shrugged it off and say some excuse so that she wouldn't worry much and besides I am not up to the soal siasat she might launch towards me.I am scared I some how will break down in front of her.Totally off-guarded.So I was avoiding the whole family and pretend to be sick which I am but just faking it to be a more serious type of sickness which they buy.And so I was sitting down on the bed and suddenly a tear fell down my cheek----totally off-guarded----and I was wondering to myself why am I torchering myself??Why am I doing this again??Going thru the same freaking prosedure I have gone thru and have once vow not to do it again.Vow not to ever get myself hurt again. Well I don't know what is my freaking problem.I have great family,great friends and also great...... yah YOU get the idea.When I think back at my stupid and plain dumb emotions and behaviour I realise I was actually acting like that because I am scared.I AM scared good things never last.In fact they never do.I was pretty much scared to lose all of the freaking good friends I have and well including YOU.You don't know how it would feels like.For this people would I without hesitation take a bullet for and make that a bom too.That is how much this wonderful people are to me.I know,i know it is silly to think like this and in fact this is why i wrote it here because knowing them they will scold me for thinking like this.Trust me they can be scary.=)But you see I love this people so so so much and in fact undescribable for YOU.Haha good anxiety for those who are reading this post.Yup wonderful people.That odd to do the work.Well I am perfectly fine now and can never get better and I can't wait to hear someone's voice again.I am back to my usual self.How perfectly odd can blogging make me in a better mood.I am so gonna sleep in peace tonight mainly because I am on drugs(medicine) and that I just felt the emoness weighing out of my shoulder.I am gonna not think about this stuff for in a while.And I am g0nna sleep and sleep and sleep like a pig since I don't have to study anymore.Well unless daddy who will be willingly bring me to the cinema and that would be a whole lot better for mood-improvement.

This has been a long post and I am so glad you are still reading my crapping.Really you don't have to because I might not be able to stop myself from continous blogging if I weren't so sleepy.Well that is all and once again sorry for everything I did and thanks for everything you did.It means a lot to me.=DWell tomorrow I will post about my trip to Port Dickson and along with some pictures if possible ok.And updates on my passing birthday.Soon!!Well I am out.Bye!*wink*